949 Sylvan Pl SW Atlanta, GA 30310


2 Bedroom / 1 bath unit

  • Roof requires total replacement
  • Exterior window panels all rotted 
  • Wood siding needs replacement. 
  •  Exterior front door framing rotten and falling apart. 
  • Electric need updating.
  • Side door and steps (awkward as the door is on the side of the dining room ) 
  • Front door flooring weakened. Requires replacement.
  • Exterior shed for waterheater requires repair. 
  • Exterior requires full paint job.
  • Flooring needs upgrading. 
  • Kitchens requires significant upgrade.  It also tight in terms of spacing. 
  • Updated Heating and Air.  
  • Updated electrical 
  • Update bathroom.

1006 Burns Dr SW Atlanta, GA 30310

  • Several Dynamic homes across the street and on the block.
  • Next-door house sucks. Garage they have is awful eyesore.
  • Roofing needs total replacement.
  • Front living room window frames shows slanting of top of window.
  • Much of the exterior siding is rotted.  Total Replacement necessary. 
  • Shed in the rear of the property can most likely be converted into a parking unit and above a rental unit can be built. 
  • Wood rot significant above front door.  Total replace of the framing. 
  • The upstair bedroom is sweet.  Adds tremendous value. 
  • The upstair sinks are nice.  Can be saved on reused at another property.
  • Bath tub redesigned.
  • Front tree in front of house is DEAD.
  • Flooring is a bit weak in spots.
  • Back yard small deck is sweet. 

1036 Katherwood Dr SW Atlanta, GA 30310

Kathenwood property
  • Phenomenal Neighborhood. Multiple rehabs across the street, around the corner and on the very same block.
  • Located only 3 houses from the corner where there is city bus stop and lots of traffic.  Not a huge fan of being so close to the corner. 
  • 500 Sq. Ft. Rentalable one bedroom / studio apartment in rear of property can be completely renovated.  
  • The Studio in basement kitchen, flooring, windows, plumbing, bathroom, painting, electrical and A/C required. 
  • The backyard redone can be awesome.  ( big upside ) 
  • Flooding in the front unit of the basement comes from the front of the house ( the slope adds to the water running in the basement in the front front storage room.
  • Enclosed porch MUST be removed. 
  • If selling windows are antiquated must be replaced in basement and upper unit. 21 windows in total.
  • Redesign of the unit is required…. The flow of the bedroom, kitchen and bathrooms off. 
  • Electrical requires upgrading
  • Kitchen Cabinets and flooring must be replaced.
  • Bathrooms require upgrade.  ( Sink, Tub, flooring. ) 
  • Can a sexy glass sunroom be added to the porch?

1469 Allene Ave SW Atlanta, GA 30310


( Capital View Manner )   3 bedroom / 1 bath 

  • On the same block that the blue renovated 3 /2 sold for $405,000.
  • Nice Deck.  Can be expanded.
  • Roof and siding appears decent.
  • Flooring in Kitchen 
  • Cabinets in kitchen decent upgrade if selling.
  • Flooring weak in multiple places.
  • Walls are plaster and requires totally being replaced by Sheetrock.
  • Signs of water leak.
  • Ceiling signs of roof leaking.
  • Great location by park.
  • Phenomenal home on corner with a dynamic rear deck.
  • Bathrooms total upgrade. 
  • New electrical and panels. 
  •  Storage room in rare off kitchen …. Appears illegal. If kept can be converted into another room, bathroom.  Either way it must be opened up. 

405 Deckner Ave SW Atlanta, GA 30310

  • Shingles falling off roof
  • Neighborhood majority white. 
  • Houses on the opposite side of the street  (House #1   396 Decker and House #2 408 Decker both appear to be totally renovated and in phenomenal condition. 
  • Roofing needs total replacement.
  • The layout of the walk in living room has got to be opened and redesigned and combined with the kitchen.   
  • The half bath in rear bedroom is whack as hell and definitely illegal.  
  • A full second Bathroom should be added. 
  • Wood flooring excellent. 
  • The sunroom off the living room has potential for a decent nook area or office. 
  • Ginormous backyard.  A mother in law suite can definitely be added the yard as it is long and phenomenal. 
  • Update A/C units and exterior compressor.
  • Garage must be functional. 
  • Windows in the Sunroom look ancient…. Gotta be upgraded.

2273 Ridgecrest Ln Atlanta, GA 30344

2273 Ridgecrest Ln Atlanta Ga

2 Bedroom / 1 Bath

  • An additional Bathroom could be added in the basement.  Washer and dryer is in the basement.  
  • Additional space to add a living room / dining / and bedroom.
  • It could be a separate living quarters.  
  • No real need for a garage.    A shed or parking / mother in law suite can be added backyard. 
  • Decent neighborhood.  Several houses require TLC.  See Cul de sac
  • Exterior clean
  • Front steps MUST be redesigned.  It’s an awkward first step that will leave property vulnerable to lawsuits. 
  • Beautiful wood flooring throughout house.
  •  Walls in kitchen, and bathroom, hallway has to be upgraded.  They are wood panel.
  • Bathroom requires ( new flooring, new resigned tub and sink )
  • Kitchen requires ( new flooring, walls are panels, New kitchen cabinets and replacement of flooring. ) 
  • Airhandler – old and located in rear of property.
  • 20 windows most likely requiring replacements.
  • Waterheater in basement decent.
  • Circuit breaker requires upgrades. 
  • Mini breaker is knob and tube. 

2048 Montrose Dr Atlanta, GA 30344


3 Bedroom 2 Bath
2 Story Brick House


  • Both bathrooms are antiquated and require full upgrades of sinks, flooring and bathtubs.
  • Roof requires significant upgrades. / Total replacement. Multiple leaks throughout home.    
  • Living room ceiling has bubbles.  Indication of roof leaks.
  • Kitchen Cabinets decent condition.  
  • Flooring decent. 
  • This property actually has 3 bedrooms. ( Weirdo layout for 3rd bedroom ) 
  • Garage door must be functional
  • Central Heat and Air 
  • New Windows
  • Gutters falling from the roof.
  • Great backyard. Deep year. House could be extended. 
  • Basement could add a bathroom and living space in basement. 
  • Great neighborhood. Down the street from the house we visited being sold for $245,000.