Golden Goose in Union City For Sale

  • 4 beds
  • 2.5 baths
  • 1,888 sqft

πŸš€ Hey, Hey, Mr. Investor! Kevin Hart here (well, in spirit). πŸš€

πŸ˜‚ “I’ve stumbled upon the golden goose! Yep, I sure did! No rehab – just a lil’ cleaning magic, and BAM! You’re in business.”

Now, let me lay it down for ya. This ain’t for the regular, everyday, walk-in-the-park investor. Nah! This is for YOU, the creative mastermind who strides in, ready to shake things up and cash big checks!

πŸ“ Located in the BEAUTIFUL and BOOMING Union City:

πŸ›Œ 6 Bedrooms
πŸ› 4 Full Baths
🍳 Not one, but TWO kitchens! (Did I stutter? Nope!)
Double the fun, double the profit! Ever heard of the pad split model? Well, buckle up! And hey, buy the place for those adulting kids of yours and rent the other unit. Two birds, one stone.

πŸ“Š Bonus: AirDNA Data’s whispering sweet nothings, promising over six figures annually at just 61% occupancy. Run it tight, run it right, and imagine the heights you’ll hit!

This is your personal Federal Reserve? I’m thinking $375K. And hey, throw in a steak dinner, will ya? We’re talking prime rib, my friend!

πŸ“ž Get on this. And remember, winning BIG is just a call away!

4990 Alexander Ave
Union City, GA 30291
Square Feet:
Lot Size:
For Sale
Property Type:
Year Built:
Full Basement

Call (678)753-7615 for more details

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