Here at We Buy Houses in Atlanta GA , our goal is to help positively transform the lives of individuals and communities in which we operate. We can only do this by respecting all individuals with which we interact as we want to leave everyone in a better state than when we met. Due to this, we have very strict guidelines regarding inspections and walkthroughs. In no particular order:

RSVP Required: anyone desiring to view a property must RSVP for the inspection. It is critical that we know the names and contact information of anyone coming to the inspection including your client, contractor, property manager, etc. For the safety and security of everyone involved, if you have not RSVP’d for the inspection, you will not be allowed to view the property. 

Check-In Required: you must check in with the We Buy Houses in Atlanta GA Representative at the property inspection and walkthrough. This is once again to ensure the safety and security of everyone at the inspection.

Respect the Property: we hold the tenants and current property owners we work with the utmost respect. You must respect the property by not damaging anything in the property. Please also respect people’s belongings and do not move anything that does not belong to you.

Respect Occupant Privacy: respect the privacy of the occupants by not going in anything we have requested not to be bothered. While we understand viewing the physical condition of the property is important to you creating estimates, please simply estimate with a margin of error for anything you are unable to access out of courtesy to the property occupants.

Don’t Harass Occupants: please do not disturb the occupants by arriving early and asking for accessing the property or arriving late. This is a surefire way to be removed from all future viewings. During inspections, we ask that also not pepper the occupants with questions. You are typically one of many people asking questions which can be overbearing for some people.

No Early/Late Arrivals: please do not arrive early or late for arrivals. We have set schedules for walkthroughs with the goal of minimizing disruption and inconvenience in the lives of the occupants. If you are unable to make an inspection/walkthrough on time, then please send a representative (e.g. your contractor) who can.

Pictures, Videos, Layout Sketch, etc. Available After Inspection: If you are unable to make an inspection, there are generally pictures, videos, layout sketches and/or measurements available after the walkthrough. There is also usually a professional inspection report (available upon request).

Keep Your Comments to Yourself: please keep all of your comments, positive or negative, regarding the condition of the property to yourself. Many occupants will take your comments in a negative way and it can negatively impact their mood and openness to showing the property. Some will also be agitated and combative. It is therefore in your best interest to simply keep your comments, positive or negative, to yourself.

No Additional Access After Inspection: we work to minimize the amount of disruptions property occupants may experience. Due to this, it is highly unlikely we will be able to give you additional access to the property after the property inspection.
We do however make pictures, videos, layout sketches, measurements, and inspection report available after the inspection has taken place.

No Offers or Business Discussions at Inspection: the purpose of the inspection is for you to be able to physically see the place. We will not be doing any kind of negotiation or discussion at or during the inspection. Any questions you may have can be addressed after the inspection.

Help Ensure A Successful Inspection & Walk-through by Following the Above Guidelines